Sideral Group operates in the cast and pig iron markets. It has established a solid relationship with several prestigious customers in national and international scenarios, proving its competence and professionalism. The success in serving global companies is due to the consolidated experience since 1987, coupled with business ethics and market positioning focused entirely on the customer.

Sideral Group's production capacity is currently set at 6,000 tonnes / month for pig iron and 7,500 tonnes / month for cast iron.

The training of a motivated team and the commitment to the preservation of the environment and safety and its employees complement the strategic bases, making Sideral Group a solid, reliable and diversified company.




Customer: Excellence in quality and punctuality of products and services.

Ethics: Integrity and transparency, generating reliability and security.

Teamwork: Team valued, motivated and focused on results.

Innovation: Processes aimed at competitiveness and continuous improvement.

Sustainability: Social and environmental responsibility with all the agents involved.



To maintain a safe and healthy working environment, taking into account the legal requirements applicable to its processes and acting preventively against accidents and near accidents, thus ensuring the well-being and safety of its employees and service providers.


Sideral is a foundry and ironmaking group focused on the manufacturing of castings, machining and pig iron based on ethics, teamwork, innovation and sustainability. Our strategy is to add value to customers, employees, suppliers and society.


To be the best foundry in the supply of counterweights, technical and machined parts as well as to be among the 5 largest foundries in Brazil until 2025. To be the best iron maker in sustainability and flexibility until 2030.


To satisfy Sideral’s customer, meet the requirements - providing safe solutions in iron castings for parts and components of basic industry, agricultural and construction - and continuously improve the Quality Management System.

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